Thursday, 18 October 2012

i got a crush on you

FUHHH -,- i dunno how to say it . i got a crush on you since you moved here . how ? i dunno ._. first , chang told me about you at MASJID . actually , i ask her first , haha. then , i saw you when you backs from school with your gay partner . since that day , i saw you everyday and that makes me crazy . when PMR started , we met every hour/minute/sec ._. and now , kau selalu datang petang main bola . OHMYGOD -,- im in love with you . tadi kau sangat AWESOME k main bola tapi kau lari agak cute ;3 bilang dorang chang macam kau berzapin , haha . ba , got to go , time to sleep . i love you crush <3

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